How to make Wix cookie bar bigger?

Wix Cookie Bar
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If you use Wix you will surely struggle with a very low consent rate from the default cookie bar.

Based on our observation, on healthcare website consent rate is below 30 %. We are losing 70 % of our data because of the cookie bar.

This website had approximately 50 % of desktop visitors. Mobile cookie bar is OK but the desktop version is extremely small.

Unfortunately, as of today Wix does not support customizations of the cookie bar.

However, you may use CSS to change cookie bar default size.

The CSS is as easy:

@media (min-width:961px)  {
div[aria-labelledby=cookies_policy_description] { height: 300px; max-height: 70%; }

div[aria-labelledby=cookies_policy_description] button { font-size: 120%; }

#cookies_policy_description { font-size: 120% }

It increases the height of the cookie bar to 300px (you may also make it bigger) and it also increases text size to 120 % of original to avoid empty space

The set-up is very easy. Go to Settings – Advanced – Custom codes and add the code as Necessary:

That’s all. This easy hack will help you get significantly more consents.

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