WASP – one of the top debugging tools for web analyst

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WASP aka Web Analytics Solution Profiler presents a big help to every web analyst or digital marketeer. Cardinal Path made a great work by developing this web browser extension. So far so good is my opinion. And it is easy to integrate it to developer console.

Firstly, what WASP brings to you? I bet you experienced many times the situation when you need to figure out why this or that does not work. Simply, you did debugging. Since, it might take a lot of time then any tool/extension is more than welcome to make your work and therefore life easier. WASP literally provides you the brief overview of scripts and tags loaded on sites. (e.g. it is simple to spot if there is old Google Analytics on or Universal Analytics, Adobe Omniture or if Google Tag Manager was implemented on a site).


Secondly, it is pretty easy and clear. No matter if you are a beginner or senior web analyst, WASP can definitely become your daily assistant. From the beginner point of view you might be interested in seeing what tags and scripts are being fired on a site.

wasp 2

On the other hand, if you are a big gun in digital analytics space you might welcome going deeper and see what custom dimensions are being sent or how scripts are connected to tags. That is everything available in nice intuitive graphics. Now you do not miss any tag!

wasp 3

What else you can get from using WASP? Well, you can even try a feature of blocking scripts or tags if needed. This could help you in answering questions about a specific tag that might be affecting you site in a not-desired way. Just block the script and observe what happens afterwards.

wasp 4

In case of ecommerce websites you can easily check if and how they track your web behavior. This is meant from the digital analytics point of view so you can focus on ecommerce tracking (on the picture is depicted what details are being sent as part of enhanced ecommerce tracking on a Czech discount server) 

wasp 5

That is all. As you can see there are various reasons why you can benefit from using WASP. It offers broad features that can make your work easier. Haven’t tried it yet, then go to and give it a chance: http://www.webanalyticssolutionprofiler.com/#axzz3oa7mi5JJ

Once you are on this site, you should not miss also Playground section. Some useful stuff can be found there too.

Actually, if you are a Czech speaker I recommend you visit an article about WASP written by Pavel Brecik from H1. Definitely worth a reading too and providing great details. Great inspiration for writing this article.

Well, now it is up to you. Have a great time using WASP for your daily digital analytics work!

sources: WASP

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