What to do in marketing during the COVID-19

What to do in marketing during the COVID-19 epidemic
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To our valued customers,

With COVID-19, together we stand in facing  a challenge unlike anything we’ve seen before. At Marketing Makers, we believe that difficulty can tap unexpected strength.  The $2 tillion Coronavirus Aid bill was approved on Friday and provides $350 billion in forgivable loans to small businesses who meet requirements. Forbes outlines government grants and lists companies offering relief for small businesses impacted by COVID-19. There certainly is hope in these difficult times and the choices we make in now will shape our future. 

At Marketing Makers, we’re committed to helping you thrive in these turbulent times. We are here to share some tips and insight to help you align your digital marketing strategy with the current trends in online campaigns.  

Here is our quick checklist about how to react on current state of things from Digital Marketing standpoint:

  • Communicate with your clients 
  • Focus on what people need now
  • Connect with your clients and build your brand
  • Increase your online visibility
  • Review and follow the data and trends related to your business

Communicate with your Clients

While your business model may need to change the approach and focus on what people need now, this is a great time to communicate through social media and your website what your new business model looks like. 

Focus on What People Need Now

Times are changing and your business model may need to as well. Restaurants are offering online ordering for pick up and delivery, gyms can provide online fitness classes, software companies are offering free trial periods, products can be ordered online and shipped without a fee, services are offering pauses in monthly fees, classes and meetings are being held online. Pay Per Click Advertising is a great way to go for products that people are likely to need right now as well. According to the BBC, six things that are booming in sales right now are bicycles and exercise gear, outdoor and indoor games, home and garden items, reading matter, electrical goods (home office materials, kitchen appliances, gaming consoles), and coffee. If this is not relevant to your business, you may want to consider offering your clients extra services such as online consultations or special discounts and packages for your product or service. 

Connect Digitally with your Clients 

In this time of social distancing, in so many ways we are connected more than ever. We are at home with our families. We are not spending time commuting, going to dinner parties, going to after school activities, socializing at the bar or our favorite restaurant. So, for better or worse, we are online making connections on social media. This experience is binding, we are all facing similar but different challenges and emotions.

How we respond to those in need says a lot about who we are as individuals, businesses, and a community.

Connect Digitally with your Clients

This can be a great opportunity for brand building. Reaching out to those in need should come from a place in your heart, and promoting those acts on social media can inspire others to do the same. 

Increase your Online Visibility

Our screen time notifications are coming in at an all time high. That is good news for business, if you are visible online. Now it is more important than ever that your business is visible on a google search when people are inevitably searching online for products or services they need. Using SEO strategies is vital to your business’ survival right now. 

This is also a great time to update website content and work on secondary projects for your website. For example, if you were considering starting an E-Shop, the time to work on this is now!

Data and Trends

As a data-driven company we always recommend looking at what the data says! We recommend keeping on top of what products are in demand and trends in sales. Our experience has shown us that it is best to focus on the past 1-3 days as even a period of one week can provide you with skewed data.  

While this example shows data over the span of three months, the graph below illustrates how Covid-19 has positively impacted internet searches for bicycles compared to the decreased searches for vacations. 

Search volume bicycle vs. vacation

Data and visualization related to COVID-19 

Since our agency is data focused we want to mention some useful resources to inform about COVID-19. Feel free to take a look. 

John Hopkins University

This appears to be the main source of global data. Data is provided by the John Hopkins University: Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

Financial Impact

A company Clevermaps provides data visualization about the economical impact on markets all over the world. It is worth checking out: Coronavirus.clevermaps.io


If you have any questions on how Marketing Makers can partner with your business and help you grow please contact us at consulting@marketingmakers.net or online at MarketingMakers.net We will be glad to provide some insight into what to do during the COVID-19 situation regarding your digital marketing. 


We value your business and the trust you have in us for your digital marketing needs and are committed to doing everything in our power to remain consistent in the services we provide you.

The Marketing Makers Team

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