measure camp 2016
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Measurecamp is an event started by Peter O’Neill and it is mostly focused on digital analytics and online marketing. This event organised globally in cities such as London, Berlin or Sydney and it has been gaining on popularity from year to year and even in the Czech Republic it got sold out (however, shame on people who finally did not show up).

Measurecamp Prague was happening for the second time and a big thank you to the entire team who contributed to this amazing event. Besides that, credits should go also to sponsors. It was hosted in the Avast office and therefore all visitors could expect great service and place with beautiful view. I have to admit they have a perfect place for working at Avast. One of the coolest thing at Measurecamp is that you can come up with your own presentation and add it into a schedule and attract people to come and listen. It is completely up to you what topic you choose. This year the topics such as data layer discussion, mobile app tracking, cohorts creation, process of analytics implementation or how to optimize campaigns for smaller clients were presented. 

Below you can find a short summary of them:

How to manage big analytics projects

Lukáš Čech – Etnetera

Lukas spoke about manaign big projects for clients. About creating a documentation for the business stakeholder and how to proceed further and make the implementation less painfull for all involved sides. He showed useful examples how to explain implementation to the stakeholder by providing business description, what to send in data layer as well as the variable description. etc. It was interesting to see that.

Mobile app tracking

Hanka Kalivodová – Etnetera

The session dedicated to mobile apps tracking. The presenter Hanka Andrlikova explained the topic very well and provided many useful tips&trics. It is pretty difficult topic to cover but thanks to her Hanka’s experience the audience got some idea and insights how to track mobile apps, what to avoid and be aware of. The things like how often to sent data for mobile app tracking was discussed, facts about GTM tracking were shown (how often it is being sent, when data is not being sent e.g. if data is not being sent till midnight you simply loose it. Enhanced ecommerce implementation on mobile apps was described literally as “hell”. The approach of Google in this area also came to a discussion, old “legacy” approach vs. new Firebase Analytics. The tips like preview mode by scanning QR code was told, update frequency of GTM container and how to approach tracking implementation were shared. Overall, it was a fruitful session full of useful tips and facts.

Data layer discussion

Andre Heller – Medio Interactive

The discussion was focused on things like what iti is good to send through data layer, what to pay attention to (keep in mind that data from data layer can be collected/scraped by other parties etc.). However, one rule was said “It is difficult to implement data layer without developers.” You need to include them in the process. A lot of people shared their opinions what to collect through data layer, who needs to be included and what you need to pay attention like cleaning data layer values by using “undefined”. In the afternoon session where Andre shared his broad knowledge on this topic were mentioned new GTM implementation guide. Why to implement new GTM according new Google Tag Manager guide. What is the reason (iframe can not be included in the head section). An article on how to avoid risks with Google Tag Manager was told, it can be found on The limit size for the contained was uncovered. Actually, it is 200kb.

How to optimize campaigns for smaller clients

Michal BlazekMarketing Makers

Michal presented how to manage campaigns when you have smaller clients. When you have enough data you can optimize using various statistical modelling or apply more advanced techniques (such as FRM model etc.). However, when you get a client with website having less traffic then you need to pay attention twice when doing analysis and optimization. Why? Since there is not so much data. Michal advised to focus on perfect GA measurement (use Google Tag Manager to collect data about important events or to trigger various marketing tags), set goals in GA, filter your traffic to avoid spamming your data.  It is pretty crucial do analyse data correctly (better to avoid “averaging), useful tips for analysing your audience like using “User Explorer” in Google Analytics or replaying videos in SmartLook were mentioned.

Are you interested in knowing more? Then follow the article on Michal’s blog.


GTM doping

Vašek Jelen and Martin Neuschl

They introduced 3 templates for 3 site types. It is available for download and basically it contains all important functions for tracking. They were even keen on asking people for adding/sending tracking functionalities that could be added. The templates can be used on microsites (some basic tracking), lead sites with no ecommerce and in the end for ecommerce sites. Some tags seem to be very useful. In my opinion, this presentation was very useful in terms how to differentiate sites and tracking model for them. In general it may differ but actually nice approach of guys to offer some digital analytics tracking product.


Besides that, Marek Lecian spoke about cohorts creation. He mentioned that he got inspired by Tomas Cupr and his usage of cohorts. Therefore he develop his own cohort reporting for his own purposes. His presentation can be found here.

Zbynek Hyrak spoke about basic information that Google Analytics can provide. The presentation is available on Slideshare.

There was also a BI “battle” discussion etc., the overview was summarized and can be accessed through this link


Overall, it was great to invest your Saturday and attend this event. I am glad I did that. At the end visitors were voting for the best session. The winner was Jan Tichy from Medio Interactive and his presentation about CRM remarketing. Big thanks again for this event. 

If you are interested in knowing more than go and look for @MeasurecampCZ on Twitter or simply land on Thank you the MeasureCamp team.


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