Engage 2015
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In May I visited Engage 2015 (the biggest social media conference in Europe, maybe even in the whole world) organised by Socialbakers (one of the hottest European start-ups providing social media analytics). If you are into social media world that is a must-to-visit event. In case you missed the conference, at least you can watch the recorded session.

The conference lasted for 3 days (2 days workshops + 1 day conference). Kudos to Socialbakers and all people who put hands to make this big event happen in Forum Karlin in Prague.

Honestly, Prague has never hosted such a big technology conference before and in my opinion the atmosphere was amazing and hopefully Engage 2016 will take place in Prague too. Speakers, service, catering and place – A BIG LIKE. Once again, kudos to Socialbakers and its organizational team!!!

Well, I would like to sum it up a bit. so in a nutshell. Key points noticed in the conference:

  • data-driven marketing (this buzzword has been said many times in last 3 years but it seems not many companies can use wisely their data 
  • social media is a paid channel!
  • mobile on rise (as we all know, number of people accessing from mobile devices has been raising significantly)
  • power of video – video will be playing more crucial role in marketing and on social media, count with that!
  • passion metrics for video – who uses metrics like #views should consider using “passion metrics such as 25% video watched, video completed etc.
  • use creativity, go where your customers are and provide them the best service -> you can generate revenue thanks to that, spread your brand or gain new ambassadors 🙂
Engage 2015

If you are interested in more detailed notes, feel free to continue in more detailed view 😉


Speaker: Jan Rezab

  • a keynote dedicated to data-driven marketing, importance of data is crucial, use of social media could be expanded to HR, business development or customer care
  • impact of social media is enormous (bigger than TV)
  • honestly, social media is a paid channel now (70% of reach is paid)
  • get inspired by digital publishers (they gain a lot of interaction on their posts (catchy content for almost 0$) -> talk to them
  • do not only store data but USE them!
  • new features of their products: video tracking, connection with Google Analytics (stay tuned, more news coming on this point ), signed the deal with Sino Weibo (Chinese Twitter)

Inspiring Passion

Speaker: Lars Silberbauer (LEGO), Roberto Ciacci (Lamborghini)

  • Lego – humans are social by nature -> interactions (not only offline but nowadays it takes place more frequently online)
  • Lego – example of a campaign “krokiwongi” – they asked children and adults to build Krokiwongi something from Lego (children more creative then adults – at the age of 3 we all are geniuses, only 2% of adults retained that creative skills on that level) -> use of creativity in your campaigns (tape a video, take a picture of your art and share)
  • Lamborghini – they do not pay for social media marketing -> lower reach -> inventing new ways how to reach their customer (they took a video from the drive with Lamborghini Huracan and they present in using the virtual reality), focus on metrics – interactions and loyalty, it is important but difficult to transform the original brand to the digital world (brand must be digital)

The art of content creation

Speaker: Shira Feuer (Disney), Sabeen Ahmed (Publicis)

  • Disney – huge load of content they can offer but it must be transformed for the social media platform
  • Disney – connect creativity with your brand (examples on sharing a video how to make a pancake in the shape of Darth Vader face on A Pancake Day, in the UK there was a popular baking TV contest -> they made a picture where D2 from Star Wars was a piece of cake and put it across social media channels)
  • Disney – use creativity, localization and technology in your marketing!!!
  • Publicis – content is a key player (stress on real-time content), choose the platforms where your customers are (do not use FB if your customers are not there)
  • Publicis – unify the way how your company/brand communicate and behave online

Engage 2015 2

Social Lifestyle

Speaker: Boris Mercier (Desigual), Thomas van Shaik (Adidas)

  • Desigual – online streaming videos through social media such as Periscope or Meerkat -> analysing behavior after the fashion show and collecting which model to choose for the collection
  • Desigual – connect with influencers (celebrities) -> it brings you to a wider audience
  • Adidas – example how to use a single brand (a ball for WC2014 Brazuca – tweeting funny tweets during WC2014, after the cup they determined the Twitter account -> helping their sales during that period)
  • Adidas – in most cases they connect a brand with another brand (football club/player brand with Adidas) -> bringing fans to both brands, nowadays you need to have a digital strategy as there are #noise and #platform and it is easy to get lost…


Speaker: John Koetsier (Venture Beat)

  • Business Insider – more video uploaded on Facebook than it is stored on Youtube, FB videos get more interaction than Youtube video, videos capture 5% of uploaded Facebook content, pictures 70%), Youtube videos performs well on Twitter in terms of upload but more interactions get Twitter videos

John Sculley

A man most of visitors were waiting. He talked about his career and explained what happened between him and Steve Jobs. He made it unforgettable and showed how big as a marketeer is 🙂

  • empower customers, share stories related to products ->helps your brand to growth, listen to your customers, social media will be powerful than TV
  • sometimes you need to shock -> helps you to distinguish and get attention for almost no price
  • I did not fire Steve Jobs, he decided to leave Apple by himself as he asked to step down from the Macintosh division
  • mentioned healthcare as a big opportunity nowadays (huge amount of data -> analysis -> solution described on a blood test providing you immediate results for various diseases (Ebola was in that case))

Finding your Cause

Speaker: Mimi Jonas Sroke (Movember)

  • Movember – spread through ambassadors, evolve-wide your activites during time (Movember – firstly, grow MO, secondly – DONATE, now they want to launch – MOVE (have another challenge – run 5k etc.)

Socially Devoted

Speaker: Gert Wim ter Haar (KLM), John Saydam (Emirates)

  • KLM – customer care – ti is also a crucial part of the business (it also means marketing of your brand and sales – its social media sales generated 25mio EUR from additional services sold through social media) -> provide you customers QUICK and CLEAR answers/solutions, on Twitter they have changing background logo based on the response time to their customers, real-time feedback from a plane by giving crew iPads)

The Rise of the Connected

Speaker: Bryan Cheng (Shina Weibo), Shintaro Tabata (Line)

  • Weibo – 81 DAU (daily active users), 80% mobile, Chinese Twitter
  • Line – 200 mio MAU (monthly active users), communication enhanced with entertainment (live streaming channel, must-view stickers) and life services (payments, gaming etc.), sending eGifts through Line

The Democratization of Video

Speaker: Beau Avril (Google), Bethany Mota (Youtube star)

  • Youtube mobile video grew 90% YtY, 50% mobile users, old metrics – # times vide were played -> new “passion metrics – % time of video was played (watch time), a single video can affect other videos (Gangnam style generated 2bio views and other 2bio have its parodies, in total 4bio., multi-screening weakens TV ad power (80% of young users switch to the online world while a commercial break on TV), they pay also 2x times more attention to watching video on mobile than on TV -> Youtube influencers on the rise

Engage 2015 3

Last but not least I attached the wrap up video showing atmosphere from Engage 2015. Looking forward to another one next year!

If you want to watch the entire conference, click here

Engage 2015 4
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