SuperWeek and Data Restart 2016

data restart
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it has been a while since I wrote an article. So let me improve that 🙂

This year I got a chance to visit 2 amazing conferences related to digital analytics – SuperWeek and Data Restart. I shared my feelings from SuperWeek on the site

Besides that, it is important to mention people worth following on Twitter or it is a worth reading their blogs: Avinash Kaushik (hope you all know him 😉 ), Simo Ahava, Yehoshua Coren aka Analytics Ninja, DataRuns Deep or Stephane Hamel. However, there are more people with brilliant ideas I met at that conference. Simply browse through hashtag #spwk on Twitter and you find them.


Overall, that conference was very inspirational and well-organized. Such an amazing event to meet new people. Thanks to Zoli and his team. They made a great work! It is incredible how they transformed a Hungarian event into one of a must-attend digital analytics conferences in the world. Highly recommended to visit next year.


In April 2016 I went to Data Restart organized by Medio Interactive, a well-known Czech digital agency. It was also a great experience to be there and list to inspirational presentations and use cases. Kudos to Pavel Brecik from H1 who spoke about User-Scoring for remarketing. Actually, that was really an amazing presentation. Catchy and full of useful information. Pavel even shared with us the page where you can download the code that could be used for your own user-scoring, please download here.

Jan Tichy, a leader and main person in Medio and Czech digital analytics space, talked about 5 reporting tips for agencies as well as for clients. Pretty well explained with advises what should be provided to a client and what should be client aware of (or at least pay attention to!) in reports coming from agencies.


data restart

His colleague Andre Heller explained difficulties and pain points of mobile analytics. Some tools related to measuring mobile applications were also advised in his presentation (namely, he spoke about App Annie or Mixpanel). Another person from Medio, Michal Prochazka, shared  with the audience how to leverage your data.

Actually, a lot of useful information was shared from other speakers too. Customer Lifetime Value in digital marketing was the topic of Pavel Jasek from Google. Actually, he mentioned a site where you can calculate it, just check:

In addition, topics such as machine learning, text analysis, data analysis or how Czech e-commerce space performs were presented. Well, it was good to be in person there. If you are keen on knowing more, search for #datarestart on Twitter or read a summary on Medio blog.

That’s all. Happy analyzing!

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